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Quality, strength, integrity, and passion: the same attributes that define our precious stones define our company.

Design aficionados at heart, Techo-Bloc is known for elevating exterior design by creating landscape stones that push the boundaries of functionality, durability and aesthetics. Our products span lifetimes and are engineered to endure the harshest weather. The most diverse collection of landscape stone styles, textures and colors transforms any backyard or front yard, into a spectacular setting.

Popular Products

  • Blu 60 Smooth »
    Blu 60 Smooth

    This contemporary patio stone is a best-selling option for contemporary backyards. Blu Smooth patio stones are available in a multi-piece system for pool decks, walkways & backyards. Available in different dimensions to allow for creativity in paving patterns, the Blu 60 collection is one of Techo-Bloc's most renown and popular collections.
  • Blu 60 Slate »
    Blu 60 Slate

    The best-selling Blu slate patio slab was inspired by natural slate stone. This traditional patio stone comes in multiple sizes for your backyard pool decks, patios & walkways. With the same lines and rugged texture as our thicker Blu paver, the same opulent colors and the traditional look, Blu 60 Slate slab is the choice for pedestrian areas such as on walkways and patios.
  • Eva »

    Chiseled and sculpted, Eva entertains its onlookers with its unique slate/flagstone surface texture. Alongside the paver’s petite dimensions that make for fast and easy installation, its proportions also allow for a modular or linear interlocking pattern. Great for driveways, walkways, pool decks and patios. Vehicular & pedestrian friendly.
  • Mini-Creta Architectural »
    Mini-Creta Architectural

    This wall boasts bright colors, sleek lines and sharp corners to give an overall contemporary stone look to garden walls, outdoor kitchens and bars. Mini-Creta Architectural is the perfect choice for a retaining wall, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fire features and is also available as a Pillar kit. Top this wall with the Architectural Cap
  • Semma »

    A 6″ x 16″ double-sided segmental retaining wall, with tapered sides and an independent mechanical interlock, allowing for a vertical or battered wall. Semma also has tremendous shear strength (block-to-block contact), void fill interlock (4-cored system with contractor gravel-filled cores), and a 1/2" bond for joint dispersion. Top this wall with the Architectural Cap
  • Villagio »

    Inspired by Montreal’s beautiful century-old streets, refine your backyard with the Villagio paver. Offering versatile backyard designs, Villagio can easily be the main field of focus in your beautiful outdoor living space.

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Paver Care & Maintenance

A little love goes a long way. The care of high-quality concrete products is like the care of any product left exposed to the elements 365 days and nights per year. Just the way you get your home and yards ready for winter and summer, the same applies to your paving stones. They too require cleaning and maintenance. Click the link below for tips on how to care for and maintain your investment so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of Techo-Bloc concrete products for years to come.
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