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Savannah Surfaces

Savannah Surfaces is an independent natural stone supplier serving landscape, hardscape, stone yard, and tiles stores in North America. When it comes to design and build projects, the materials your customers use can mean the difference between marvelous and mediocre.

Popular Products

  • Old World Tabby

    Old World Tabby was born out of a centuries-old building technique, using oyster shells as the core aggregate to create foundations, walls, and floors in the Southeast coastal regions. Today, many of these structures still exist as a testament to the beauty and strength of the process. The Old World Tabby Company has reimagined the use of oyster shells with modern technology to create shell products in hand made concrete and porcelain. Artistry and the detail of the Old World Tabby coupled with Italy’s expertise and years of experience bring the product to life.

    This product is an ideal surface solution for pools, decks, porches, countertops, and architectural elements.

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  • Classic Sandstone

    This traditional style sandstone has a natural cleft finish with beautiful hand-cut or sawn edges. Each color has been hand selected to replicate timeless looks inspired by the coast.

    We sell this stone in pattern packs and single sizes as well as steps, treads, and coping to match. There are slight variations and colors in the stone, however, it is more subtle than you will see in a variety of other products. All sizes, weights, and coverage of the sandstone are nominal.

    Classic Sandstone Collection »
  • Tumbled Sandstone

    This classic sandstone collection is hand cut and tumbled, with a Classic European feel. Soft under the feet with a soft color palette. This is a perfect choice for a more historic look.

    Tumbled Sandstone Collection »
  • Tumbled Limestone

    Tumbled Limestone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and also comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. It also has insulating properties so limestone pavers will not be too hot in summer or too cold in the winter.

    Tumbled Limestone Collection »

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