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About Us
Markham Landscape Products


Topsoil MARKHAM Landscape Products blends topsoils for different uses. Our topsoil shredder takes raw topsoil, compost and organic sand and blends them together to make a perfect planting soil while removing any clods, stones, and unwanted materials. In addition to our blended soils, we carry a selection of composts and soil conditioners as well as unamended screened soils. We also deliver fill dirt in truckload quantities.


Gardener's Choice
Our premium topsoil includes screened topsoil, organic compost, manure compost, and organic sand blended together with our topsoil shredder.

Screened Topsoil
Our screened topsoil comes from wooded areas so that it has some organic material. It has been screened to remove debris to improve its consistency.

Fill Dirt
This soil is a compactable structural soil very useful for filling areas in the yard or for foundations for structures. It is not a screened material, but it is usually free of large rocks and debris.

Organic Compost
This compost consists of organic materials including clippings, tree grindings, and leaves. It is a very fine consistency, perfect for amending topsoil to make a rich planting soil.


Pine Bark Fines
This material is composed of very fine pine bark. It is a great amendment for the garden which adds organic matter and acidity to the soil. It is also used as a fine mulch around flowers.