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Markham Landscape Products



MARKHAM Landscape Products has the largest variety and inventory of building stone in the Charlotte area. We have stone for all types of applications: If you have a unique need, we can special order the stone you want.

We deliver stone with our rock truck and forklift so that we can place it where you want it.

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- Carolina Rose
- Chocolate Gray
- Emerald Gray
- Mohave
- Midnight Blue
- Mountain Mist
- Mountain Cabin
- PA Irregular, Gray
- PA Irregular, Lilac
- Tn Crab Orchard
Stone Flagstone
We carry a wide variety of flagstone to be used for patios or walkways. The large diameter of these stones makes them well suited to all types of paving situations. Colors range from gray to brown, green, dark blue, etc.

- Black Regency
- Carolina Rose
- Chocolate Gray
- Emerald Gray
- Mohave
- Midnight Blue
- Mountain Mist
- Colonial Snap
- Roan Valley
- Laurel Cabin
- TN Crab Or Stack
- Tumbled Bluestone
Stone Thin Cut Stone
Thin cut stone is ideally suited to building stack stone walls, edging beds, and veneering. The thickness of this stone ranges from 3/4" to 11/2" and colors range from cream to light or dark brown, gray, dark blue, black, green, burgundy, etc.

- Black Regency
- Chocolate Gray
- Carolina Rose
- Emerald Gray
- Mohave
- Midnight Blue
- Mountain Mist
- TN Tumbled
- TN Crab Or Thick
- TN Crab Or Ashlar
- TN Rubble
- Granite Cobbles
Stone Thick Cut Stone
This stone is generally available in the same colors as the thin cut stone. The thickness will range from 3" to 6", and it is somewhat "chunkier" than the thin stone. This stone is generally used in larger walls or it can be mixed with the thin stone for a more varied look.

- Cane River Sm.
- Cane River Med.
- 3"-5" Bulk
- 6"-14" Bulk
Stone River Stone
We have a variety of different river stones available. The sizes range from 3" up to approximately 14". Colors vary from grays to browns according to the area from which the stone originates. The stone is characterized by the smooth round shapes worn as the water flowed over them.

- PA Bluestone Gray
- PA Bluesstone Lilac
- Sunrise Pattern
- Tocoa Pattern
- PA Step Treads
- Sunrise Step Treads
- Tocoa Step Treads
- Custom Orders
Stone Cut Pattern Stone
Cut Pattern Stone is a traditional patio material that has been used for hundreds of years. It is available in various colors, and the sizes are cut on a 6" module starting at 12"X12" and ranging up to 24"X36". Step treads and special orders are also available.

- PA Fieldstone Thin
- PA Fieldstone Reg
- PA Steppers
- PA Creekstone
- TN Field Thin Stack
- TN Field Thick St.
- TN Field Thin Mt
- TN Field Thick Mt
- TN Field Extra Thk
- TN Steppers
- Boulders
Stone Fieldstone / Boulders
We stock fieldstone and boulders from a variety of sources including: Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. These stones make great accents for that special place in the garden or for a water feature.